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Many of our customers are familiar with just one brand: Parker.
You can't go wrong buying a Parker, their reputation is justly earned.
However, there are so many other fine brands which, in their country of origin, are famed writing instruments.
Some examples being: Caran d'Ache (Switzerland), Lamy and Diplomat (Germany), Cross and also Fisher Space Pen (USA) and Parafernalia (Italy).
Take a trip around our Pens of the World: the perfect sophistication of the Swiss shines in the Caran d'Ache, or the Yankee ingenuity of the Fisher Space Pen, the innovative design (think BMW) of the Lamy, the pretty yet strong US classics from Cross and the colourful curves (think Alfa Romeo) the Parafernalia Periscope Pen.
This web site helps customers by showing our products in three different ways: by a search function, by brand name (on the left hand side) or by major feature, say "beautiful", or "military" pens, on the right hand side.

And don't forget the Parkers: the pretty IM range made in China and svelte and classic Sonnet range from France.

If you just want a classic pen, or a beautiful pen, then try our buttons on the right hand side.

We sell refills and ink for all our products.

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