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About our Products

Lamy Pens
Lamy is an astonishing German pen company because they produce so many knock-out pen designs. All are  of the modern variety, like the clean lines of the Lamy 2000 (designed in 1967, looks modern today and will do so in 2067), or the funky, colourful Safari pens; see the picture opposite. The Safari Fountain Pens are economical but smooth writing pens that put many expensive fountain pens to shame. Designed and made in Heidelberg, Germany.

Fisher Space Pens
All Fisher pens have the pressurised ballpoint refill. The best on the market. It always writes first go, in a dense line, on nearly any surface. This is more relevant than being able to write underwater, or in space, something affecting a minority of our customers.
Get the famous Astronaut Pen and and own a small piece of Space history.
Made in the USA.

Parker Pens
Parker pens are the default brand for most people when they think of high quality luxury pens. This is because Parker produce a good long pen with the classic shape which is comfortable to write with and produces a good signature. Parker ballpoint refills are a European standard, so they are available anywhere.
Perhaps a tad conservative for some tastes, but still a very nice pen to own and use.
Designed in the UK, the more expensive pens are made in France while the more economical variants are made in China.

Cross Pens
Cross pens are a great iconic US pen company that has a classic design in twist-action Century Classic ball pen. Perhaps a bit slim (at 6.5mm diameter ) for comfortable writing, they still look super elegant.
Used by Highway Patrolmen and Presidents and every one in-between, they make a great gift.
Designed in the US, these days they are made in China, but there is no difference in quality to the former US-made models.

Diplomat Pens
Diplomat is another German pen company, but they produce a traditional pen which is famous for their bullet-proof quality, for example, the enamelled pens have fourteen coats of enamel on the brass barrel. Most of the fountain pen nibs are steel, but, like the Safari above, are smooth writing. While the quality is there, the price is economical giving a thermonuclear bang for the buck. Designed and made in Germany.

Caran d'Ache Pens
The Swiss know where quality, beauty and good design all intersect. A Caran d'Ache pen is always a pretty pen, with the super quality the Swiss demand. If you don't mind spending a few dollars, look at the Ecridor. If you prefer a more economical pen, look at the Office series. The pencils are excellent, too. Designed and made in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Secrid Wallets
What wallet is not a pain? Saggy leather, always a struggle to get that card in or out, and a big lump in the bottom of our pocket. Consider the Secrid Wallet. At its heart is a neat aluminium compartment that holds five credit cards. Operate a small lever at the base of the compartment, and all the cards are pushed out in a neat fan. select the card you want, use it and slip it back in when finished. Safe from Radio Frequency (RFID) scanning. So small, so compact, and works so well. It won't change your life, but it will remove a petty frustration.