Secrid Cardslide Copenhagen

PW017 160gkg
AUD$82.00 AUD$57.50

The Secrid Cardslide Copenhagen is a minimalist powerhouse of a wallet. The aluminium casing holds five embossed or six flat credit cards safe from damage and hacking. Flick a lever and the cards fan out waiting for your selection. The card slide is an extra space for money, keys, coins or whatever you wish. A small, tough wallet for those who can go with the essentials and leave the kitchen sink at home.Plastic cards have a hard time, they get bent and become brittle in your pocket. In particular, RFID/NFC cards are not safely stored in a regular wallet. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards have a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. These cards, such as the public transportation pass, new credit cards and admission tickets, can be activated, selected and copied from up to many metres away, without you noticing. The Secrid Cardprotector works as a firewall in your wallet. To safely use an RFID/NFC card, you slide it out 3 cm from the Cardprotector; the sensitivity for the radio signal is then substantially reduced, but still sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimising the time duration and signal strength, you remain outside the reach of digital pickpockets.


The video shows the Cardslide Oslo. This is just cosmetically different to the Cardslide Copenhagen as for sale here. See the still images for the Cardslide Paris.
The Secrid card protector is unique. It will hold up to five credit cards (or cards the size of credit cards) nestle in a secure aluminium card protector, safe from unauthorised scanning, since no electromagnetic radiation can penetrate the casing. This is known as protection from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID scanners can read the chip in an ordinary purse or wallet without the owner being aware.
Crank a small lever and the cards are pushed out in a fan for the selection by the owner. How many times do you have to dig out a credit card, library card, transport card, ID card? All day long, it seems. Pull out your Secrid wallet, crank the lever, select the card from the aluminium card protector, use it, slip it back in and the wallet goes back into the pocket or purse.

They work so well. Buy one and you will have it for life.

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