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Pens so good that you ask: What Were They Thinking Of?

November 28 2016
The Fisher Millennium pen (P0035) is like nothing else. It is a ballpoint pen, but there are no refills made for it.

That is because it can write for 50 kilometres. That is 50,000 metres. If you wrote for two metres every day, it would last for 68 years.

Buy one pen, say in your early twenties, and you are set for life. Does that make sense? No.

Buy it because (a) it is a small engineering masterpiece, (b) it is so nice to write with, and (c) it always works, like a Rolex.

The broad nib gives a black dense smooth line. It is also the most reliable of the nibs.

How does it last so long?

They whole body of the pen is a huge ink reservoir filled with the unique Fisher Space Pen ink under internal pressure of about 3 atmospheres so that the near-solid ink is forced onto the broad nib. The ink and the reservoir is totally sealed. When the pen is used, the rotating ball in the broad nib melts the ink in contact with the ball and puts it onto the paper. The pen can stay idle for a decade and will still write when activated. And keep wring for decades after that.

Check out the gun metal version: the Fisher Mars pen - P0036. Nearly the same pen, just a different look.


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