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Lamy 2000 Black Makrolon Ballpen

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Part of the fabled Lamy 2000 range, designed in the 1960’s and still a top seller today. The ultra simple and elegant design has not, and never will, date. The tapered shape makes it the most comfortable Lamy product to hold for the average hand. “Makrolon” is a polycarbonate, a thermo plastic of high strength and toughness, and more importantly, high dimensional stability due to its chemical resistance and zero water absorption. It will last a lifetime because it is stands up to drops and knocks, and won’t warp or crack, ever. Then one pen you will reach for more than any other. Comes boxed. Weight: 22 grams, Length: 139 mm closed, 126 mm pen only, 152 mm top on back of pen, ready to write, Gripping diameter: 9 mm.
Lamy 2000 Black Makrolon Ballpen
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