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Diplomat Ball Pen Refill

$7.50 (incl 10 % GST)
Refill by Diplomat for their ballpoints.

Diplomat Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

$5.50 (incl 10 % GST)
Diplomat fountain pen ink cartridges, suitable for the Diplomat fountain pens shown on this site.

Diplomat Fountain Pen Ink Converter

$10.00 (incl 10 % GST)
This ink converter suits all Diplomat fountain pens and converts them from needing an ink cartridge to being able to extract and use ink from an ink bottle.

Diplomat Rollerball Refill

$11.00 (incl 10 % GST)
Fit in Parker Rollerball as well.

Diplomat Visa Data Ballpoint Refill

$3.95 (incl 10 % GST)
Diplomat mini refill that suits all multi pens.

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