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Waterman pens are designed and made in France, and they exhibit that precise and elegant design that is so Parisian...from a Chanel gown to a Metro sign.

Inside, the pens are built to be a companion for a lifetime: drawn and machined naval brass with superb worksmanship and finishing giving a silky smooth action. Built like a Chubb safe.


Waterman Liaison Wood Orange Ballpoint

$275.00 (incl 10 % GST)
You Save
A luxurious and unusual ballpoint pen from the French master.

Waterman Allure Blue Ballpoint

$37.50 (incl 10 % GST)
You Save
Waterman Allure Blue Ballpoint pen.

Waterman Fountain Pen Ink in Bottle

$15.00 (incl 10 % GST)
Gorgeous Waterman fountain pen ink: dense black and a strong, bright blue.

Waterman Rollerball Pen Cartridges

$8.30 (incl 10 % GST)
Waterman rollerball cartridges - fine point.

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